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The Adult Volunteer is a person with a deep love for Christ and the Church who ministers to children and teens. These Volunteers are responding to their Baptismal call by serving young people, and are selfless enough to make sacrifices that ensure our young people come to know God through the love of Christ and the truth of the Sacraments.

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At Holy Family Parish our Adult Volunteers have several ministry options:

  • Faith Formation Class Co-Leader, Grades K-8volunteer
  • Hall Monitor, Grades K-8
  • Edge Youth Ministry Core Member, Grades 7-8
  • Confirmation Group Leader, Grades 9-10
  • Life Teen Core Member, Grades 9-12
  • Adult Formation

Each Volunteer is asked to discern what ministry they are being called to, their commitment to the ministry and essentially will make three commitments: a commitment to God (Christ, the Church, and personal spiritual growth), a commitment to the people in the ministry, and a commitment to the ministry by being present at Mass, Faith Formation Sessions, Edge Nights, Life Nights, retreats, meetings, etc. However, no Volunteer is expected to ever allow these three commitments to override their primary vocation to their family.

Being a part of these ministries is truly stewardship in action: recognizing the gifts that God has blessed you with, and returning those gifts to God by using those gifts at the service of those who need them. Leading every child, teen, and adult closer to Christ is one of the most important works of the Church today.

We are so grateful to all our Volunteers who make up this diverse group of adults! If you are thinking about joining a ministry, please pray and contact Denise at or 315.488.5884.

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