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Faith Formation


Our Faith Formation Ministry has both formational and informational qualities.

It is formational in seeking to offer the child a living example of the faith and spirituality reflective of their baptismal call to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Through their growing awareness of the presence of God in our world and in their personal life story, the child is encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer and worship. Our faith is presented progressively through the study of the sacraments, scripture and Catholic teachings.

Faith Formation regards attendance at weekend Mass as an essential and foundational element of your family’s faith.  While faith can be fostered at home and developed in faith sessions, without the nourishment of weekly liturgy with our parish family, it will not grow and mature in the way envisioned by our baptismal promises.

Children’s Faith Formation is structured in a manner that reflects each child’s capacity to understand and incorporate its’ teaching in their life.

For more information on Faith Formation, please contact our Faith Formation Office at 315-488-5884

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