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Holy Family Bible Study
All are welcome ~
The Bible Timeline: A Story of Salvation
24 Part Bible Study
Weekly on Wednesday evenings starting September 15, 2021 from 6:30pm-8:00pm
Holy Family Pastoral Center
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Contact Laurie Theurer for more information at

Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come
Holy Family will begin an eleven-week Bible study on Thursday, September 9 at 7:00 P.M. Holy Family Pastoral Center
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Contact Barb Parkes for more information at

Knights of Columbus


Holy Family Church Rosary Society
The Rosary Society is a group of parishioners that honor the Blessed Mother by coming together in a loving, spiritual, and social environment. Its primary purpose is to encourage the prayer of the Rosary; to promote fellowship, support, and spirituality among its members; and to support the causes and needs within our parish. It is open to all people of the parish.

The Rosary Society meets monthly to pray the Rosary and provide spiritual reflection opportunities to its members. Meetings run from 7:00pm to 8:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Rosary Society also helps by donating to worthy causes where needed in our parish, mostly from the proceeds of our single annual fundraiser.
For more information email Steven Barlow:


Liturgical Ministries
Holy Family Church prides itself on beautiful liturgies.  From our wonderful music program to engaging preaching, Holy Family liturgies are uplifting and holy.  There are a variety of ministries that need the participation of many.

For information on our liturgical ministries and how you can become a greeter, usher, lector, extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, or altar server, please contact Deacon Bob Fangio at the Holy Family Pastoral Center 315-488-3139 extension 106.

Music Ministry
As St. Augustine said, "those who sing, pray twice."  Holy Family is blessed to have a gifted music ministry program that welcomes people of all ages and musical abilities. For more information on participating in our Music Ministry, please contact Rob Morey at the Holy Family Parish Music Office at 315-487-1737.

Bereavement Ministry 
Our Bereavement Ministry assists all families when they lose a loved one.  It is a compassionate ministry that reaches out to families, not only to help in funeral planning, but by being present and by bringing the love and goodness of the Church to families at a most difficult time.  For more information, please contact the Holy Family Pastoral Center at 315-488-3139.

Outreach Ministry
Outreach Ministry at Holy Family is a ministry that brings the presence of Christ and the Church to those most in need.  Our Food Pantry is open two days a week and there are many other services offered through our Outreach program.
For more information or for assistance, please contact the 
Outreach office at 315-466-2885 or email at

Vocation Ministry
Welcome to the Holy Family Vocation Ministry. Jesus often used rural farming images when speaking about vocations. In looking at promoting vocations, we use similar images. The goal of a Vocation Ministry is to create fertile soil for the Holy Spirit to plant seeds of holiness. The guiding scripture for our Vocation Ministry is “Some seed fell on rich soil and produced fruit yielding a thirty, sixty, and hundredfold.” Mark 4:8. We will prepare the soil for vocations in our parish with prayer, awareness, and education, especially for our youth, and affirmation of those already living their vocations. In time, this will bring about a vocation-friendly environment where the Holy Spirit will more easily speak to our parishioners.
For more information contact: Ken and Laurie Theurer

Young at Heart Ministry
Young at Heart Ministry is aimed towards building prayer and social activities for our senior parishioners.  Young at Heart Ministry meets every third Wednesday of the month for a coffee hour in the Parish Hall at 9:30 AM following the 9:00 AM Mass.  Other activities such as trips, pilgrimages, lunches and dinners offer gatherings for our parishioners 55 and over.  For more information, please contact Dc. Bob Fangio at the Holy Family Pastoral Center 315-488-3139 extension 106.

Pray it Off Weight Loss Ministry

Nocturnal Adoration Society

Eucharistic League

Children's Liturgy of the Word



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