The baptism of your child is an incredibly significant event in the life of your child, as well as for you the parents, and every effort is made to help you understand and celebrate this amazing gift.  To present your child for baptism is to consciously want your child to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Through the cleansing of sin and the anointing by the Holy Spirit, baptism constitutes both a calling and a desire to know, love and follow Jesus Christ as the way of God, the truth of God and the life of God.  In presenting your child for baptism, parents promise that they will do their very best, to nurture and strengthen their child's relationship with Jesus.  Baptism is a serious undertaking, but one that is rich with divine life and possibilities.


  • One parent must be Catholic
  • One Godparent must be Catholic, 16 years of age and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation

Baptisms are the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, unless there is a specific request for another time and a priest or deacon is available.

We strongly recommend that all couples attend the BAPTISMAL CLASS, the first Monday of each month.

Please contact Sr. Caryn at Holy Family Parish Office 315-488-3139, for more information.

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